Irish Hermits

An excellent resource on, amongst other things, Celtic (and specifically Irish) eremiticism and monasticism:

“In spite of the physical harshness of their lives (and in spite of the later make-over showing them as fierce men of power), Irish saints manifest a great spirit of gentleness as a result of the grace of God upon them. They had a strong sense of creation as the gift of God, and a strong awareness of the supernatural, and of the communion of saints. Monasteries and hermitages were often founded in astonishingly beautiful places. The Sea Islands and Lough Islands furnished such places in abundance”

St Govan's
Saint Govan (Welsh: Gofan) (died 586) was a hermit who lived in a fissure on the side of coastal cliff near Bosherston, in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales. One story says Saint Govan was an Irish monk who travelled to Wales late in life to seek the friends and family of the Abbot who had trained him, variously identified as Saint David or Saint Ailbe of Emly.


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