Robert Lax on the Spiritual Life

From the American poet and Hermit, Robert Lax:

Unconditional love. That’s the bottom line. Everything is here because of love. That’s why we were created — to love. Love keeps things going, not just for now, but forever. Love gives life and makes sure what’s around today will be around tomorrow. It’s all about compassion. That’s what the cosmos best responds to.

Every moment is a gift. Relax, get into the moment, and do all you can to listen to it. I mean, really, really listen. Be present to the moment with everything you are.
It takes practice. After you’ve listened for a while, you start responding. I think you start working your gifts in response to what you’ve heard. You become appreciative of the moment. You give back because you begin to see how everything is on loan, a gift from God.

Learn how to look. Take time to look to see what’s right there in front of you, to let what you see sink in. When you look at a flower opening or a tree moving with the wind, you just relax and take it all in. Try and see everything like that, if you can.

Looking and listening lead into everything….. You become more totally aware of reality. It’s so true — everything we need to live well is already within our possession. Wisdom is right before our very eyes.

Be gentle and patient both with yourself and with others, no matter what comes along. In this way, waiting becomes a fulfilling, very meaningful experience. If you live gently, honorably, focusing on the cultivation of your heart, good things are sure to follow.

Prayer is a way of doing instantaneous good for all things in all places. It’s a way of sending out love everywhere at one. It’s a power that everyone has access to, and it can transfigure the world. Prayer makes everything you do more real, lasting, meaningful and fruitful. Through prayer, everything just flowers and flows.

Try to live as purely and as simply and as gently as you can. Relax. Be flexible. Be forgiving. Be creative. Be loving. You are a peacemaker. Those who cross your path may need you.
Listen, be discerning, use all the radar you can generate in your waking moments. Try to keep the balance. The whole world’s watching, counting on you to do the right thing, the loving thing. So let in the light whenever, wherever you can.

From and based on “The Way of the Dreamcatcher: Spirit Lessons with Robert Lax, Poet, Peacemaker and Sage” by Steve Georgiou.

Robert Lax (1915 – September 26, 2000) was an American poet, known in particular for his association with famed 20th century Trappist monk and writer Thomas Merton. During the latter period of his life, Lax resided on the island of Patmos, Greece. Considered by some to be a self-exiled hermit, he nonetheless welcomed visitors to his home on the island, but did nothing to court publicity or expand his literary career or reputation. Lax moved back to Olean in 2000 after living abroad for more than 30 years and died at age of 84.

Hermitary – – says of him: Is Lax a hermit model who skirts the nuances of solitude, creativity, and reclusion? Perhaps the lesson of his life and poetry is that creativity takes many forms in humanity, and that the motives of life and the consciousness of any given person is forever enigmatic.

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