Anamchara Fellowship

A (relatively) new quasi-eremitical community within the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in the USA is the Anamchara Fellowship, founded in 2003 by just two women, and canonically recognized by the Episcopal House of Bishops in 2008.
The members of The Anamchara Fellowship commit to pursue a consecrated life, lived either together in community or singly, yet bound by a common ideal. The Anamchara Fellowship will seek to teach the Faith of Christ by whatever means are at its disposal, and to promote the ministries of teaching, spiritual direction and pastoral care. The vows of the community are based on:

Simplicity of Life:
• Having no financial recourse to the Fellowship, but within individual means helping to maintain its organizational needs
• Seeking to live without a spirit of accumulation
• Using all things with gentleness and respect, developing a sense of poverty of spirit, whereby we grasp with heart and mind that ALL belongs to God
• Becoming extravagant with our love and care toward others “He should never refuse assistance to a person who calls with insistence for it. Let him share generously and without measure with the one who asks.” (Rule of Ailbe)
• Living with gentleness of manner toward everyone
• Renouncing all physical and verbal control over others
• Constancy toward the one with whom God has blessed us as mate or as Anamchara
• Consciously striving after peace and mercy for all: “To do justice, to love peace, and to walk humbly with God.”
• Following the Gospel imperatives of love and forgiveness
• Working within the context of the Church to which the member belongs, seeing the leadership and Councils of the Church as guides
• Listening for the voice of God in those placed in authority over us in our congregations, dioceses and within the Fellowship.



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