Hermits and Anchorites of London

An interesting website on hermits in London in the Middle Ages:

Alien Houses: Hermits and Anchorites of London
hermit london
“Hermits are so different from anchorites, the first being free to wander as they would and the others being actually inclosed in the cell, that at first it seems impossible that any difficulty could arise in distinguishing the two kinds of devotees. Yet it is not always easy to make the distinction, for the word hermitage is constantly used with the meaning of anker-hold, and a recluse is sometimes styled hermit. There is no doubt, however, that both were to be found in London during the middle ages, for bequests to ‘every hermit and recluse in London and the suburbs’ were by no means rare, and Edward III in 1370 gave of his alms 13s. 4d. each to three hermits and eight anchorites in London and the suburbs.”


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