Holy Women, Holy Men

The latest exhibition in the (USA) Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts is aptly titled, “Holy Women, Holy Men”.

episcopal visual
“A holy season is upon us, the thin time. The days of darkness move swiftly toward the light. The time of mourning reaches a fever pitch, even as we remember that it will be followed by joy incomprehensible.

O holy women! O holy men! Guide us onward through the time that comes. Lead us to the light that waits. You bruised ones, you misunderstood. You lively vessels, love-filled, and vision-wracked. You have our attention. What did you know that we must yet learn?

Here you will find a sweet array of inspiration, wrought by gentle hands in prayer. It is no small thing to capture the spirits of our prophets and saints in oils and inks; to explore the mystery of holiness in sculpture and fabric and paper and canvas. But here, our friends have called forth the names and images of those who have preceded us. Here, there are windows and doors. Here, there are prayers and pleas. Here, there are the works of the Spirit brought forth from the hearts of faithful and creative warriors. “

Bro. Karekin M. Yarian, BSG


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