Julia Bolton Holloway, Hermit and Scholar

Available on the interesting blog, Contemplative Oasis: http://contemplative-oasis.blogspot.com.au/2011/10/interesting-hermits-in-21st-century.html are details of who the blogger calls the “Most Interesting Hermit of the 21st Century”, Julia Bolton Holloway , a specialist on the manuscripts of Julian of Norwich, among others.

Into the SilenceA new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Hermitage might seem a paradox in our self-celebrating society but it is a growing and fascinating phenomenon, instead. Modern hermits donÕt indulge in the search for isolation for social or per

“Julia [was] at one time was a married woman with children and now grandchildren in the US. Some solitaires are people who have lived whole other lives before the solitaire call beckoned. Julia although she keeps her prayer times and liturgical seasons like any other religious solitaire has enough activity around her to keep a small monastery busy let alone one woman. Her Vita , with advanced degrees, published writings and books would be enough for anyone to gladly rest their laurels on . Julia in her seventies is a still very active woman with a strong belief in the energy saving benefits of bicycles which she rides through the streets and countryside of Florence ….[she] epitomizes what a solitaire can be in the 21st century and still keep the flavour of the Desert Fathers alive in her desire for quiet, prayers, hospitality, keeping herself by the works of her hands, genuine care for the poor and a deep wisdom that attracts a listening heart… Her website http://www.umilta.net/ is a thing of beauty to behold and equals about twelve of the usual websites one would link to full of ancient writing, literature of English poets, stories of famous writers long passed that rest in the Swedish ( English ) Cemetery which is a she helped make a World Historical UNESCO site in Florence .”

For Holloway’s biography see http://www.umilta.net/vita.html


One Response to “Julia Bolton Holloway, Hermit and Scholar”

  1. Clare (Madonna) Adams Says:

    I would like very much to obtain the e-mail of Julia Bolton if she is living. I spent time with her in Florence some years ago and want to send information on the death of a friend, S. Mary O’Hara. The two e-mail addresses I have returned my mail with “no such.” thank you

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