Yorkshire’s Spiritual Athletes

An excellent on-line study of the religious solitaries of medieval Yorkshire (especially Richard Rolle) is Frank Bottomley’s “Yorkshire’s Spiritual Athletes: Hermits and Other Solitaries”: http://www.zurgy.org/medieval/hermits.pdf
Frank Bottomley is a medieval and local historian concentrating on Yorkshire, England. His monograph “Yorkshire’s Spiritual Athletes: Hermits & Other Solitaries” is a wonderful resource which he makes available free at his website. (The text appears complete in the main link, but the appendices only include one of several projected items in the table of contents.) The work extends the detail of venerable predecessors like Rotha Mary Clay’s Hermits and Anchorites of England.

The work also include the “Office for the Benediction of Hermits” (16th century): see also http://www.hermitary.com/articles/benediction.html


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