Hermitage of the Annunciation

The Hermitage of the Annunciation (Orthodox Church of America) is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
hermitage canada
“Our hermitage is a small monastery of monks gathered together for a simple life of prayer and work in silence and solitude. Our rule is based on inner quietude and solitude, seeking to celebrate unceasing prayer in the heart by assiduous reading and study of the Holy Fathers and Scriptures (lectio divina), Psalmody, and the Jesus prayer.
Some of the daily services are celebrated in common in the church, others are recited in the cell. In the holy ground of our desert that is the monastery we wage a difficult warfare against the passions, seeking the likeness of Christ.
Our life offers a balance between solitude and community life. The birth of our hermitage is very closely linked to a few spiritual fathers which are our constant guides in the ascetic life: Abba Barsanuphius, the ascetic fathers of Gaza, and St Paissius Velichkovsky.
The whole life of the monk is confessing that God is greater than all. Like the Most-holy Theotokos sitting at the feet of the Lord, the monk learns how to guard his mind, his heart and his imagination in silence and peace to listen to God. His prayer, fed by the Word of God and Holy Communion, identifies itself with Christ’s Prayer to His Father.”


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