William Deresiewicz: Solitude

“We are not merely social beings. We are each also separate, each solitary, each alone in our own room, each miraculously our unique selves and mysteriously enclosed in that selfhood. To remember this, to hold oneself apart from society, is to begin to think one’s way beyond it. Solitude, Emerson said, “is to genius the stern friend.” “He who should inspire and lead his race must be defended from traveling with the souls of other men, from living, breathing, reading, and writing in the daily, time-worn yoke of their opinions.” One must protect oneself from the momentum of intellectual and moral consensus…”
[William Deresiewicz]
William Deresiewicz is an American author, essayist, and literary critic. Born in 1964 in Englewood, New Jersey, Deresiewicz attended Columbia University before teaching English at Yale University from 1998-2008.

For his essay “Solitude and Leadership” see http://theamericanscholar.org/solitude-and-leadership/#.UY7Sq0qU5Rw

For his talk on “Want To Be A Leader? ‘Learn To Be Alone With Your Thoughts’” see http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2012/02/20/leader-thoughts-alone

For his essay, “The End of Solitude”, see http://chronicle.com/article/The-End-of-Solitude/3708

For an interview with him on his essay “The End of Solitude” see http://www.cbc.ca/spark/2009/02/full-interview-william-deresiewicz-on-the-end-of-solitude/

See http://www.billderesiewicz.com/


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