This Thirsty Heart

“This Thirsty Heart – A Journey in the deserts of Australia” by Ian Robinson (2010)
thirsty heart
Ian Robinson uses his own desert experiences to offer insights on how people are often spiritually challenged by the desert and how they can connect with it in different ways and stages. In addition to developing one’s sense of place, he encourages a state of wonder about the desert.

“A fascinating mixture of philosophy, theology, documentary, sociology and spirituality and a coffee table travel pictorial. And, more importantly, a “story” in the best ancient traditions of storytelling, where “story” forms the basis of identity and community.
Ian Robinson has led many “tours” into the outback with the aim of challenging/promoting/developing a consciousness of an Australian desert spirituality.

The desert is the great heart of Australia. Some people think of deserts with affection and awe and others with dread. Yet most Australians have never been to the desert. Waiting for them are majestic sunsets, and nights around the campfire under the sizzling clear stars where the immensity touches the soul. The power of the desert is something humans have known for thousands of years but have lost in the concrete busyness of modern urban life. This book helps us to rediscover that beauty. In this book you will travel for a week in the desert with Ian and follow the explorers and the Aboriginal custodians into a transforming place. The stories resonate. Ian Robinson has travelled over 60,000 kilometres in Australia’s deserts. He was the first person to cross all seven of Australia’s deserts in a continuous trip and he is one of Australia’s leading speakers on deserts and the way they affect all those who travel there. Ian completed a doctorate in this field and annually speaks to hundreds in community, academic and church groups. Over the past eight years he has led over 300 people on four wheel drive desert explorations, helping them discover the beauty of the desert and the wisdom that can be found there. “The desert’s richness inspires us to understand that all is not what it first seems. This Thirsty Heart takes us on a journey that enlightens and empowers us all.”

see also for more on the author, and more on Australian deserts and spirituality.


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