New Franciscans

I found by chance some beautiful liturgical chant by a Brazilian Franciscan (Roman Catholic) community, Toca de Assis:
The social vocation of the community is to rescue and treat people well of extreme poverty and social neglect, especially beggars, and the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
toca de assis
Specializing in sacred sculpture in wood, currently, the way it operates has included the music , the dance and theatre as means of evangelization.

Toca de Assis has several shelters for the poor and formation of religious brothers and sisters throughout Brazil and abroad. These brothers and sisters operate care homes providing medical assistance, psychological and religious service, welcoming the poor. They also engage in preaching and prayer groups and serve to the poor who live on the streets, giving them food, haircuts, shaves, as well as dressing wounds and welcoming all those who are weaker.

I found some more (less appealing to me) modern music from them, some of which includes dance – yes, dancing Monks and Nuns! For example:


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