Exploring Simplicity

The Simplicity Institute seeks to facilitate the rapid transition away from growth-based, consumer societies toward sustainable and more rewarding societies based on material sufficiency. We seek to understand what a society would look like if it were based on this ‘simpler’ way of living and how we might get there: http://simplicityinstitute.org/

The multi-faceted problem of overconsumption lies at the heart of many of the social, economic, and ecological crises which are currently afflicting advanced capitalist societies and beyond. At the same time, great multitudes around the globe live lives oppressed by material deprivation (i.e. under-consumption).
The Simplicity Institute exists to address these issues, through advancing the Simplicity Movement as a viable alternative to consumer capitalist society. This is achieved through four main activities:

In order for a transition to a just, sustainable and flourishing society, the Simplicity Movement needs to be brought into the public consciousness as a viable alternative to consumer society. The Simplicity Institute aims to foster and resource this process through education.
Many people from diverse backgrounds have made significant contributions to the sphere of voluntary simplicity and related issues. The Simplicity Institute aims to bring these people together to facilitate collaboration and cooperation in advancing the Simplicity Movement.
The Simplicity Institute aims to facilitate and promote the organisation of the Simplicity Movement, by encouraging collaboration and developing community initiatives wherever possible.
We conduct rigorous research into voluntary simplicity and associated issues to build the theoretical and empirical basis upon which the Simplicity Movement rests. This also serves to advance simplicity into circles of academic and policy debate on relevant issues.
simplicity institute
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