Finding Silence

The Finding Silence Project examines the importance of silence in cultivating inner wisdom to enable us to thrive in urban society. Through interviews, portraits, essays, and interactive media the Project will create a bridge between those keepers of knowledge in the silence traditions of the world’s major religions, and the modern urban dweller.
silent one
“The small hermit lives on a mountain.
The great hermit lives in a town.” – Chinese proverb

For millennia, humans have sought retreat from the cacophony of worldly ambitions, have sought the solace of like-minded simplicity, the sanctuary of stillness, and the rhythmic discipline of inward focus wherein grace might be entreated to descend. The desert, cave and mountain dwellers understood the seminal importance of silence for spiritual growth and the endurance of their traditions bespeaks of great successes.

Through recorded interviews and photographic portraits, a visceral and captivating understanding of the variety, depth and importance of the inner life will be revealed.

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