Matthew the Poor’s Teachings

words for our time
Conciliar Press has released a volume of the teachings of Matthew the Poor (1919-2006): “Words for Our Time” (2012). He was the key figure in the revival of Egyptian monasticism which began in 1969 when he was appointed to the Monastery of St Macarius in the Wadi El Natrun in Egypt. By the time of his death the community had grown from 6 aged monks to 130 monks, and many other monasteries had revived, and new ones opened. He was twice nominated to become Coptic Pope, but was not chosen in either case.

He was also a theologian, and author of 181 books and hundreds of journal articles on Biblical exegesis, Ecclesiastical rites, spiritual and theological matters, and much more, but few of them have been translated into English. St Vladimir’s Seminary Press has published “Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way” and “The Communion of Love” – see
matthew the poor
“The twentieth-century elder Abba Matta of Egypt, known in the West as Matthew the Poor, is widely regarded as the greatest Egyptian elder since St. Antony the Great. He produced a huge and varied body of work in Arabic, only a little of which has been translated into English. In addition, a great many of his informal talks to monks and visitors were recorded. This volume (“Words for Our Time” ) is the first appearance in English of a small selection of these talks.

Abba Matta had a marvelous ability to communicate the deepest spiritual truths in the simplest and most practical language, making them accessible to laypeople as well as monastics. He speaks to the heart rather than the head, gently exhorting the reader to pursue a deeper life in Christ.”


For a talk by Father Matthew (with English subtitles) see
MonasteryMarcarius the Great
For the Monastery of St Macarius. see
For a documentary on the Monastery of St Macarius, see


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