Whole Larder Love

“Since I decided to live simply, I’ve left a steady source of income. It took me a many years to get the courage to leave my job, but finally late last year I decided that earning money was not part of what I wanted to be. Here in lies the problem. The irony is that without a steady income I cannot afford to purchase the land to build my cabin and lifestyle. The irony is that I need money to live with nothing or very little…. My rainbow is bright. But there is no pot of gold at the end, no philanthropic saviour eager to hand over money to make dreams happen. There is just me with an impractical dream that has stuck with me since childhood. I guess for now, until I figure something out, I’m just going to focus on simplifying even more. To rid myself of unnecessary things in life. Focus on practical, useful and nourishing.”
whole larder love
Whole Larder Love is an interesting blog – http://wholelarderlove.com/ – by Rohan Anderson about simple, sustainable living in a rural area of Australia. Anderson wrote a book of the same title:
whole larder love book
“Primarily concerned with how to live off the land and provide himself and his family with fresh, local food, Anderson has become and expert hunter, fisher, forager, gardener, pickler and sometimes barterer. He now shares his healthy and sustainable secrets and experiences.

In Whole Larder Love, Anderson gives us delectable recipes, easy-to-follow gardening, foraging and hunting tips, and guidance on the proper tools, gear and resources to use.
‘Fans of Rohan Anderson’s blog Whole Larder Love will take a shine to his first book, which is
alive with evocative images of rural life.’ The Age

‘For anyone wanting a greater connection to the land, it is a must for the bookshelf.’ Weekly Times

‘The book takes you into Rohan’s world, and his own beautiful photos – not only of meals but also of kit for growing, gathering and hunting – complement the simple recipes that are easy and full of flavour.’ Good Reading”

whole larder love bio
He offers workshops on simple living: for a review, see http://www.sbs.com.au/food/article/2013/07/05/homegrown-whole-larder-love

He also occasionally write on the subject for “The Guardian” (UK): for example, http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/australia-food-blog/2013/sep/02/food-september-seasonal-eating


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