Modern-Day Hermits: Answering the Call to Solitude, Prayer

The every-valuable Hermitary – – draws attention to a Special Report in “The Catholic World Report” , October 28, 2013, on “Modern Day Hermits”:
modern hermit
“While we might think of hermits as relics of the Church’s medieval past, today there are many who devote their lives entirely to solitary prayer….

When Sister Mary Diana, 83, of Springfield, Oregon, became a consecrated hermit almost 40 years ago, she was among the first in the US. “There were some, but not like what you’ve got now,” said Sister Mary Diana, who lives with Sister Mary Magdalene, 89, who was also among the country’s first hermits.

If the ease with which hermits and hermitages can be found on the Internet is any indication, more and more people are discerning the call to a life of prayer and solitude with God…One reason for an increase in the hermitic life is the fact that when Canon 603 was promulgated in 1984, it allowed bishops to accept within their own dioceses hermits who were not affiliated with religious orders.

Canon law allows men and women like Maria, who is now in her 60s and who spent the better part of her adult life raising children, the opportunity to discern whether they have a call to the hermitic life.”


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