Saint Wolfeius of St Benet Hulme

December 9 is the Feast of Saint Wolfeius, a hermit at St Benet Hulme in the English county of Norfolk. He is known from the writings of William Worcester (d. c. 1482), who recorded him as the first hermit of St Benet Hulme. He died, possibly sometime in the eleventh century, on 9 December which thus became his feast day.
St Benet’s Abbey is a ruined abbey of the Order of Saint Benedict situated on the River Bure within The Broads in Norfolk England.
st benets
“St Benet’s, according to abbey tradition, was founded on the site of a ninth-century monastery where the hermit Suneman was martyred by the Danes. About the end of the tenth century it was rebuilt by one Wulfric. A generation later, c. 1022, its estates of Horning, Ludham and Neatishead were confirmed by King Canute. St Benet’s is the only religious house not closed down by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Instead he united the Abbacy with the bishopric of Norwich and therefore the Bishops of Norwich have remained abbots of St Benet’s to this day.”

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