The Abbey

An excellent Australian Broadcasting Corporation documentary on the monastic life from an usual perspective, “The Abbey” followed five ordinary Australian women as they spent 33 days and nights living the life of an enclosed Benedictine nun with the Benedictine Nuns of Jamberoo Abbey.
jamberoo 1
The Benedictine Abbey is a unique community in Australia, one of total monastic enclosure for life. Unlike most religious orders who work in society, often teaching or nursing, the principal work of these nuns is prayer. All members of the community drop whatever activity they may be doing to sing the Liturgy of the Hours seven times a day in the beautiful Abbey church. During the day, when not praying in the church, the nuns slot in study, meditation and meals as well as working to earn their living by making Abbey crafts.
The Abbey is set on eighty hectares of bush property, nestled on a stunning mountain top two hours drive from Sydney. The Abbey buildings, surrounded by bush and sweeping paddocks, look out to panoramic views over the NSW south coast.
jamberoo 3
For Jamberoo Abbey see


One Response to “The Abbey”

  1. Patricia Collins Says:

    Thank you for this reminder. The programmes were available on You Tube as was the series made at Worth Abbey, UK. Hope they are still there.

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