Tree Dwellings for The Stylish Hermit

Anthony Gibbons Design – – has created amazing tree dwellings, suitable for the most stylish of forest Hermits!
Roost 1
“Roost Treehouse is designed to mimic the organic curvaceous forms found in nature. The aim was to create a tree house that could blend in and almost become part of the tree itself, becoming camouflaged in the surrounding forest. The tree house consists of a series of pod like capsules that are harnessed to the trunk of each tree using a bracing technique that causes no harm or interference with the trees growth. Each capsule has a central spiral staircase leading up to an outdoor platform. This connects to the adjoining pod allowing access into the next structure a well as providing additional support to the overall structures. Only one of the pods has the spiral staircase running to ground level. The interior of each pod sleeps 2 people and the above exterior platform is designed to interact with the forest surroundings providing panoramic views of the trees canopy’s. All the materials used for the construction are from sustainable materials and do not damage the trees in any shape or form.”
roost 2
“Embryo is a cylindrical two story tree dwelling that again utilises the principles of bio mimicry by imitating the organic curves found in nature. The design of the structure gives the illusion that it is almost part of the tree trunk like a Burl. It is clad with cedar shingles to blend the structure in with the surroundings.
The Embryo derives its name from the early stages of development in nature and how we need to re address the way we live in today’s society that is more ecological and a simpler way of living than consuming our earths resources. We are more and more being disconnected from our natural surroundings and the embryo is part of a series of designs to try and reunite and reconnect us back to the elements and how we interact with nature, whilst using materials resourcefully.
The Embryo is attached to the tree using a series of braces that do not interfere with the growth of the tree or cause damage to the bark of the trunk. The entrance is through a hatch door which leads up to the first floor and again up to the second floor via steps that spiral upwards on the internal walls of the cylinder. This allows maximum floor space and makes it capable of sleeping up to 8 people. There are three different designs of windows to the structure which can be custom made to suit each tree house depending on the light levels of the surrounding area.”
roost 3
Inhabit Tree House was inspired by geometric Forms. Can be constructed in any environment whether it be in the Forest, Mountains or over rivers & Lakes. The entrance to the structure is from the underneath with a trap door that opens up into the centre of the Interior space. Able to sleep 4-6 people depending on the layout. The outer structure is finished in a cedar cladding that will age with time allowing Inhabit to blend in with the natural surroundings. The large open window to the sides and roof is designed to let as much natural light into the Interior when in densely forested areas as well as to enjoy the views.

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