desertliturgy: a new blog:
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This blog is intended to encourage and facilitate the study and appreciation of the Christian Liturgies of the Desert, specifically those of Egypt and the Middle East. It has (literally) just been set up, so content is, as yet, lacking.
coptic priest
The blog seeks to provide:

Notices and reviews of publications (both new and old) in the field;
References to on-line resources;
References to and commentaries on liturgical and ritual texts;
Unpublished or out-of-copyright scholarly material;
Notices of conferences, seminars and other opportunities for scholarly discussion;
Photographs relating to liturgy (especially old and otherwise unpublished material);
References to audio and video recordings of liturgies and liturgical music;
Discussion of liturgical questions and topics.
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The blog is not published with the approval or under the authority of any ecclesial jurisdiction, but is maintained by a small group of scholars with an interest the liturgies of the Desert.
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The content will be moderated only insofar as an appropriate scholarly standard will be maintained. Personal attacks will, of course, not be published, and claims made without appropriate citations will generally be excluded. This is not a blog for the promotion of dogmatic claims or devotional commentaries on liturgy, however appropriate they may be in other places.


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