Hungarian Hermit Caves

Hungarian Hermit Caves (Remetebarlang), Mátraverebély
hungarian hermit caves
“These hermit caves were begun in 1756. Carved into the soft stone there are a total of a dozen caves that consist of two chapels, a kitchen, a pantry, bedrooms and what served as a toilet.

The hermits themselves lived in these caves during the 18th century, although it is said that there were dwellers here as late as the 1930′s. The sizes of the rooms vary; the largest are the two chapels and the kitchen which are between 1.9 and 2.6 metres high. The ceilings are flat with the exception of the chapel which has a three-centred arch.
hungarian hermit caves 2
The door and window frames have remained intact in several places and there are traces of bars at the windows. Altars were carved out of the soft limestone in both chapels and a cross jutting out of the sidewall in the right hand side chapel. The kitchen was the only heated room and here the visitors may still observe some remains of the fireplace, the chimney and the benches along the wall as well as the large square floor coverings.
hungarian hermits caves 3
In the sleeping chamber the ledges that once held the boards that served as the beds have also survived. The iron clamps that once held the chimney on the face of the rocks above the cave is still visible as are the nails that once held three large wooden crosses in place.”


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