Hermit Saints of The British Isles

british saints
Icon of the Saints of the British Isles and Ireland

There is no formal equivalent to a British Synaxarium. Different authors and churches have compiled different lists of those traditionally regarded as Saints in the British Isles. Some Orthodox writer assume that Britain ceased to be Orthodox around the Synod of Whitby (664), which they interpret as as the “subjugation” of the “British Church” to Rome. Other Orthodox, more accurately, assume that Orthodox Britain gradually declined after the so-called Great Schism (1054). Some (Roman Catholics and Anglicans) place emphasis on the break between Henry VIII and the Pope around 1533. However, in modern times there has been increasing interest in the Saints of the British Isles.

A version of an on-line Synaxarium can be found at http://synaxarion.org.uk/
synax british
The following are Saints described as Hermits in the major sources of British hagiography:
Saint Aaron (+700)
Saint Angus (Oengus, Aengus) of Keld, Hermit, Abbot, Bishop († 824)
Saint Bertram, King and Hermit of Mercia (7th – 8th c. AD)
Saint Cynedd (Kenneth), Hermit, Confessor of Gower, Wales († 6th c.)
Saint Decumen, Hermit and Martyr
Saint Drostan of Aberdeen, Hermit († 6th c.)
Saint Elgar, Hermit and Confessor (11th century)
Saint Findlugan, Hermit of Islay, Scotland († early 7th century)
Saint Gofor, Hermit
Saint Guron, Hermit and Confessor
Saint Gurvan, Hermit
Saint Guthlac of Crowland, Hermit (+ 714),
Saint Guyer (Guier), Hermit and Confessor
Saint Gwainerth, Hermit and Confessor
Saint Gwalehes, Hermit and Confessor
Saint Gwyddyn, Hermit
Saint Gwynllw (Gundleus) the Penitent King and Hermit of Wales († 523)
Saint Gynaid, Hermit
Saint Hydroc, Hermit (+600)
Saint Iestyn, Hermit and Confessor (14th century)
Saint Ita (Ida, Dorothy), Hermitess in Limerick, Ireland, and Foster-Mother of Saint Brendan († 570)
justinian wales
Saint Justinian, Hermit and Martyr (6th century)
Saint Libiau, Hermit
Saint Nectan, Martyr and Hermit, Devonshire († 6th c.)
Saint Neot, Hermit and Confessor (8th century)
Saint Tugdual (Tudwyl) of Ireland, hermit, one of the seven Founder Saints of Brittany
(† 564)

See further:
lives of saints
“The Lives of the British Saints(the Saints of Wales and Cornwall and such Irish Saints as have dedications in Britain)” by S. Baring-Gould [a sixteen-volume collection (1872 and 1877)] – available on-line at https://archive.org/details/livesofbritishsa03bariuoft and https://archive.org/details/cu31924092451990
“Lives of the Cambro British Saints (of the fifth and immediate succeeding centuries, from ancient Welsh & Latin mss. in the British Museum and elsewhere, with English translations, and explanatory notes)” by William Jenkins (1853) – available on-line at https://archive.org/details/livesofthecambro00reesuoft and https://archive.org/details/livesofcambrobri00reesrich
butlers lives
“The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints” by Alban Butler (1866) – available on-line at https://archive.org/details/livesfathersmar01butlgoog and http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/20450
moss saints
“The Saints of Anglo Saxon England” by Vladimir Moss [three volumes: 1992. 1993, 1997]
orthodox saints
“Orthodox Saints of the British Isles” by Dr. John Hutchison-Hall [four volumes: 2013]
A searchable on-line site is found at http://johnthattheologian.blogspot.com.au/2013_12_01_archive.htm

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