Brother Dismas Mary of the Cross, Hermit of Banjul

Brother Dismas was consecrated as Hermit in the Diocese of Banjul, The Gambia in December 2010:
“I am a Canonical Penitent Hermit of Divine Mercy in the Diocese of Banjul, The Gambia. As a hermit, my life is dedicated to prayer,contemplation and caring for the sick poor who come to the hermitage daily. My personal rule of life is an adaption of the first order rule of St. Francis of Assisi, thus I have become a beggar for the needs of the people who come to Nazareth hermitage seeking medical help and also for the Catholics in this (mainly Muslim) village in order to help them grow in their walk with Christ.”
Dismas vows
The work of The Hermit is for the poor and sick:

‘Living as a hermit, My labor (scripture says that we must work for our food) is for the sick poor who come to this hermitage for medical assistance. I treat many serious wounds and other emergencies as well. Most of the folks who come for help can not afford the small fee needed for treatment at the local clinic. I provide free medicines, supplies and care for these children of God. I make cord rosaries and other chaplets in order to purchase local medicines to help these folks. Should you be led by the Holy Spirit to help, Your donations and/or purchase of my cord prayer beads will help greatly to provide the necessary medicines and supplies for this work. My only income is from my Social Security and nearly half of this goes to this cause as well.
Dismas blessing
It is my hope that, in spite my own inconsistencies and weaknesses, I may present to all men and women, a prophetic witness of Christ’s teaching; that life is a journey of committed faith, trusting hope, and effective love of God and neighbor through the work of the Holy Spirit.”


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