Aegyptius Heremita

Aegyptius Heremita/L’Hermite d’Egypte (Egyptian Hermit) in Omnium fere gentium nostraeque aetatis nationum (woodcut no. 19).
costume coptic hermit
“Jacobi Sluperii (Jacobus Sluperius) was a Flemish scholar and poet from the Netherlands who lived in the sixteenth century (1532 – 1602 AD). It appears that his father (who also carries the same name) was killed by the Calvinists, and Jacobi himself was later persecuted by them. He was ordained priest in 1560 at a church in the parish of Beusichem, town in the Dutch province of Gelderland. He wrote Latin poetry and produced many literary works, including Omnium fere gentium nostraeque aetatis nationum, habitus et effigies, et in eosdem epigrammata (Almost all the nations of our age; their conditions and images; and described in poems).This book, which has recently been digitalised by MDZ, was published originally in 1572 in Antwerp.
The book contains 135 woodcuts of various men and women of different nationalities, including a Cyclops and a Sea Bishop! It appears that the woodcuts were made by a Flemish artist, Antonius Bosch, called Sylvius. For each woodcut we find an attached Latin poem by Jacobus Sluperius and a French poem by François Descerpz.
The first nation that the book enlists is the Egyptian; and it includes four images: Aegyptius/L’Egyptien (Egyptian); Aegyptia Mulier/L’Egyptienne (Egyptian woman); Aegyptius Heremita/L’Hermite d’Egypte (Egyptian hermit); and Aegyptius Sacerdos/Le Prestre d’Egypte (Egyptian priest).”

The whole digitalised book can be found at


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