Flowers Blooming in The Desert

“There is something incredibly powerful about flowers blooming in the desert. I think it has to do with the awareness that our own interior desert – experienced as dryness, lack of consolation, disappointment, or unfulfilled longing – is often the very condition needed to spring us into fresh spiritual awareness. For example, if we feel unattractive to human society due to apparent personality flaws, lack of physical charisma or advancing age, this situation can catapult us into a love affair with something much larger and grander – the Goddess of the Earth, Sophia Wisdom, the Great Beyond, God. In fact, without the experience of dryness on one level, we would most likely lack the motivation to seek out fulfillment in the deeper realms!”
desert flowers
This comes from the inspiring blog “Nature Photo-Quotes. Celebrating the Mutual Mirroring of Nature and the Human Spirit” – – published by Stephen Hatch [Fort Collins, Colorado]. He desribes the blog thus: “I am a contemplative thinker and photographer from Colorado. In this blog, you’ll discover photographs that I’ve taken on my hiking and backpacking trips, mostly in the American West. I’ve paired these with my favorite inspirational and philosophical quotes – literary passages that emphasize the innate spirituality of the natural world.”


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