Desert Liturgy Delayed!

Some time ago I announced my intention to begin a new blog – DesertLiturgy – intended to encourage and facilitate the study and appreciation of the Christian Liturgies of the Desert, specifically those of Egypt and the Middle East. It would seek to provide:

• Notices and reviews of publications (both new and old) in the field;
• References to on-line resources;
• References to and commentaries on liturgical and ritual texts;
• Unpublished or out-of-copyright scholarly material;
• Notices of conferences, seminars and other opportunities for scholarly discussion;
• Photographs relating to liturgy (especially old and otherwise unpublished material);
• References to audio and video recordings of liturgies and liturgical music;
• Discussion of liturgical questions and topics.

Alas, pressure of other commitments has delayed this project. I hope to begin again in the middle of the year. Any suggestions/contributions will be gratefully received.

Meanwhile, two of my own liturgical writings are currently available:
Coptic Cross Bread Stamp
“The Fraction in The Coptic Orthodox Liturgy”
“The Glastonbury Review” No. 101 (December 1999)
Morning incense
“The Offering of The Morning and Evening Incense”, 3rd edition, with an introductory essay by Father Gregory Tillett. British Orthodox Press, 2014. Available at
ISBN 978-1-291-82911-2 The introductory essay is not, alas, available on line as yet.

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