Homes For the Design-Minded Recluse

“Being alone and away from the noise and buzzing crowds, in a world where we’re constantly pushed up against each other, is a little discomforting. Many of us yearn for that writer’s cabin in the woods or a designer’s solitary studio, but when it comes down to it, many of us aren’t comfortable with permanent quiet. To be private and reclusive is almost blasphemy in the face of constant Facebook updates and live tweeting. We like to know where people are, what they’re doing, how they’re feeling at all times and when someone slips off the grid, we panic in the most insane of ways.
Even still, there are those that walk among us (or rather, lurk among us, hiding in the shadows) who prefer to live hermetic lives locked away from prying eyes, nosy neighbors, and loud noises. They make us incredibly curious.

So, here’s a look at the homes and workspaces eight reclusive individuals have selected as their out-of-the way hideouts. While you might want to keep a safe distance from these ultra private abodes, you can still enjoy their eclectic and airtight spaces.”
Hermit house 1
This low-cost pioneer wagon is perfect for the free-spirited, mobile hermit who loves the idea of being tucked away in the woods like the ever-elusive and enchanting forest nymph.
Hermit house 3
Stephen Eckert and Jade Polizzi designed this guest cabin for a spiritual community and retreat center, the Lama Foundation, once the site of a hippie compound in New Mexico.
Hermit house 2
The Hermit Houses by The Cloud Collective are customizable, prefab micro homes for people looking for pop-up homes away from the buzz of electricity and the rumble of passing cars. This model, Abé was built specifically for one couple using specialized 3D software and a complete production line, which will be available to hermits and future hermits alike so that they may build their own dwellings tucked away on a mountainside somewhere.

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