The Paradise of the Desert Fathers

The “Paradise of the Desert Fathers” is a collection of sayings and narratives written about the Desert Fathers of the Egyptian desert. The collection is widely known in the Coptic Church as “Bustan Al-Rohbaan” (transliterated Arabic) or “The Monks’ Garden”.
Paradise 2
The Paradise of the Fathers is the classic compilation of the lives and teachings of the early monastic saints. It has been said that for a monastic to achieve perfection there are only two books needed: the Bible and the Paradise of the Fathers. This volume is translated from a Syriac manuscript discovered in 1888 by Dr. Ernest A. Wallis Budge. This is a revised and edited edition. Volume I of “The Paradise or Gardens of the Holy Fathers” includes the histories of the anchorites, recluses, monks, coenobites and ascetic fathers of the deserts of Egypt between A.D. 250 and A.D. 400 compiled by Athanasius Archbishop of Alexandria, Palladius Bishop of Helenopolis, Jerome and others. Volume II contains the sayings of the Fathers and questions and answers about the monastic life.
Paradise 1
The text is available on-line at: and
Paradise Budge
Budge’s 1907 edition, “The Paradise, or Garden of the Holy Fathers: Being Histories of the Anchorites, Recluses, Monks, Coenobites, and Ascetic Fathers of the Deserts of Egypt between A.D. CCL and A.D. CCCC circiter”,
is available on-line at: and
Paradise St Shenouda
A modern two-volume reprint has been published by St Shenouda Monastery (December 15, 2009) and is available from Amazon.


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