Saint Symeon Stylites of Lesbos

September 1 is the commemoration of Saint Symeon Stylites of Lesbos.
“Saint Symeon Stylites of Lesbos (765/766-844) was a monk who survived two attempts on his life during the second period of Byzantine Iconoclasm (814–842). He followed a similar model to Simeon Stylites, residing on a pillar-like structure similar to a tower. There he isolated himself form the world and fasted, prayed and studied. He is venerated with his two brothers, Saint George the Archbishop of Mytilene and Saint David the Monk.”
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Byzantine defenders
Alice-Mary Maffry Talbot “Byzantine Defenders of Images: Eight Saints’ Lives in English Translation” [Dumbarton Oaks, 1998] “The seven vitae feature holy men and women who opposed imperial edicts and suffered for their defense of images, from the nun Theodosia whose efforts to save the icon of Christ Chalkites made her the first iconodule martyr, to Symeon of Lesbos, the pillar saint whose column was attacked by religious fanatics. Life of St. Theodosia of Constantinople Life of St. Stephen the Younger Life of St. Anthousa of Mantineon Life of St. Anthousa, Daughter of Constantine V Life of the Patriarch Nikephoros I of Constantinople Life of Sts. David, Symeon, and George of Lesbos Life of St. Ioannikios Life of St. Theodora the Empress.”


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