The “Stealth Hermitess”

The “Stealth Hermitess” publishes an interesting blog on her life as married, Roman Catholic hermitess in private vows:
The “Stealth Hermitess”  2
“I’m a Roman Catholic who considers herself a stealth hermitess: I am a hermitess at heart, but not consecrated. I have taken a personal, private vow to live a particular rule of life that reflects that of the desert fathers (and mothers!). I travel through my life incognito; no one recognizes that I’m a hermitess. I’d like to be a consecrated hermitess, but that is not possible right now. Still, St. Theophan the Recluse said in a conference given to nuns that the housewife in the flowered dress might be more of a religious than the nun dressed in a habit in a convent. It’s a matter of the inner disposition.”
The “Stealth Hermitess”
She has published her Rule of Life which is clearly well considered, carefully researched and applied with diligence to her own situation. Her published “Justification for a “Lay-Anchoritic” Rule of Life” is of great interest:
“A review of my life history would afford a multitude of examples of ways in which I have been called to and prepared for my current lifestyle. These are too numerous to mention and explain here, but they have all contributed to my on-going discernment of a vocation to the anchoritic life. While such a vocation would seem to be completely at odds with the vocation of wife and mother, I think my own situation shows that elements of the two can be combined, just as there are examples of married couples who have chosen celibacy within their marriage. There may be a constant tension between the two vocations as one tries to live them both at the same time, but these are tensions that would probably be present in the marriage regardless of a perceived vocation to a life of prayer and penance (e.g., one spouse preferring silence and solitude while the other prefers to always have some sort of background noise). Having a clearly defined Rule of Life could actually relieve some of the tension, as it brings into the open the differences between the partners, and may encourage a dialogue which would help them to understand each other.”


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