Into the Silence

Carlo Bevilacqua (Autore), A. Rinaldo (a cura di) “Into the silence. Eremiti del terzo millennio” [Intento, 2014]
Into the silence book
“I spent time with dozens of people who have chosen to live in solitude each with a different history and motivation. I went to Mount Athos in Greece, and to Wales. I spent weeks in an Italian hermitage, at monastery in the middle of nowhere of Georgia’s desert, in the desert of the California, in France, in Southern India and Darjeeling, I met secular hermits, Christian, Orthodox, living in caves, in cemeteries, in TeePee, fascinated by their extraordinary stories of surprising humanity which strike for their lifestyle.”

Into the Silence – Hermits of the Third Millennium
“A new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Hermitage might seem a paradox in our self-celebrating society but it is a growing and fascinating phenomenon, instead. Modern hermits don’t indulge in the search for isolation for social or personal ambitions, neither it’s a matter of misanthropy. Most of them come from a religious background – monks, priests, nuns – but many others are part of a well established middle class – architects, doctors, lawyers, writers and teachers – fed up with the social routine. Following their own personal path made of prayer, silence and meditation, they decided to live in isolated places to listen to and rediscover their own inner rhythm and individual atmosphere. This is the portrait of a small, solitary, soft world.”
Secular or religious, Catholic or Orthodox, followers of singular syncretism of Eastern religions and apocryphal Christian revelation or even shamans healers: these are the contemporary hermits. They are not so many, but their presence and their witness h
“Secular or religious, Catholic or Orthodox, followers of singular syncretism of Eastern religions and apocryphal Christian revelation or even shamans healers: these are the contemporary hermits.
They are not so many, but their presence and their witness have a powerful and fascinating effect. They live sometimes isolated in small apartments in the heart of our cities, most often they stay by the side of woods and villages. They build their own retreat or put away old rectory and chapels that previously fell to pieces.
The phenomenon has been observed in the late eighties and recent years have seen a steady increase in number. Extraordinary stories and portraits of surprising humanity which strike for the radical and the beauty of life that flows from it.
In Italy and France, ranging between 200 and 300, while in Germany, according to the official statistics are not over 80. Worldwide, the clear majority, approximately 60 percent, is made up of women. In the United States they are about 500, 10 percent of which is married. The western hermitage – after the extraordinary flowering of early Christianity and the High Middle Ages – has almost disappeared from the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. Just since the sixties, however, someone began to reconsider it as a lifestyle, not just as a religious choice.
The early pioneers of the solitary life timidly make their appearance in France, Canada and Italy.
A little hidden world, but alive, very strong, far from the myths and false needs of our world, sometimes unnecessarily dizzy .
Into the silence 4
Bevilacqua is a photographer and film director born in Palermo, Sicily in 1961. His career has spanned more than twenty years, alternating photography and direction of documentaries and video clips. He started taking pictures in Palermo in the 1980s, originally focusing on societal and anthropological photographic studies. He decided to move to Paris and then Milan where he took photography courses at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). He then started working with advertising and public relations agencies, creating photography spreads, advertising campaigns, videos and films for major Italian and international companies. He started working with the Marka agency in 1995. In 1998, he and Enrico Grisanti founded XTV Productions, a production company specialized in photography and video services for advertising and corporate communications. The next year he developed one of the first Italian web TV channels, XTV Webchannel. A few highlights of his career include Quotidiani (Palermo 1983), Giardini Immaginari (Palermo 1984) and Indian Stills (Milan 2007), and his participation in group shows including Nuovi Soggetti a Rischio (Siracusa 1985), Obiettivo Soggettivo – Fotocontaminazioni sull’arte africana (Milan 1994) and A Different Robin Hood (Turin 2000). He has directed numerous pieces including, in collaboration with Francesco Di Loreto, Little Red Robin Hood – a biographic documentary about Robert Wyatt, Soft Machine’s singer and drummer, with Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera and Nick Mason – Moira Orfei Amore e Fiori, a colorful Pop depiction of the queen of circus, and numerous video clips for artists such as Cristina Donà, Marco Parente and Antonella Ruggiero.”

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