La Nave Anacoreta

“Parra + Edwards Arquitectos designed this modern studio cabin in the forest outside Santiago, Chile. La Nave Anacoreta (“Hermit’s Ship”) was conceived as a small boat floating in a sea of foliage.
Hermits ship 1
It provides a quiet, secluded place for a single individual to reflect and create away from the distractions of the city. The small cabin has a 20 m2 (215 ft2) floor plan, which the architects felt was sufficient space for a desk, a chair, a bed and free space for meditation, plus a full bathroom. There isn’t a kitchen, although the wood stove could be used for cooking.
Hermits ship 2
A small kitchenette could be placed along one wall, and if the bed was a Murphy bed, there would still be room for the other functions. Wood strips cover the exterior, ensuring that the cabin is compatible with the surrounding chestnut, elm and olive trees. A large window gives a view of the forest, while French doors open the cabin open to a sunny terrace on the north side, drawing the hermit outside.”

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