Saint Peter the Hermit of Galatia

February 1 is the Commemoration of Saint Peter the Hermit of Galatia

“Saint Peter the Hermit of Galatia near Antioch, in Syria, lived in the early fifth century AD.
Peter’s life is recorded by Theodoret of Cyrrhus whose own family was touched by the saint’s gifts of healing.
Saint Peter the Hermit left his home at a very early age and lived as a wandering monk for many years travelling extensively throughout the Middle-East. Eventually he settled near Antioch where he lived a very strict asceticism and became known for his holiness.
Peter the Hermit of Galatia near Antioch is commemorated 1 February by the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches.”
Ruins of Ancyra Galatia
“There was at that time in Antioch a holy solitary named Peter, a Galatian by race. By the sign of the Cross he had cured the eyes of a great personage, wife of the Prefect of the East. To him accordingly went the mother of Theodoret, but without reflecting that silks and jewels and the other accessories of fashion were as unsuitable in a suppliant as the horses and chariots of Naaman. What the holy recluse first saw in her was the ailment of her soul; not the malady of her eyes, but the paint upon her cheeks, and he addressed himself at once to what was her chief misery. “God made you what you are,” he said, “and you {310} think to improve upon His work. He has given to your countenance a natural red and white, and you proceed to daub with pigments the lineaments and tints traced and spread by a Divine Master. Do you think a human artist would be pleased if some rude sign painter took on him to restore and furbish up his masterpiece; yet you profane God’s handywork, nay, His very image, by adding to it an adulterous beauty,—I say adulterous, for why do you paint your face, except to draw upon you the eyes of men?”—Philoth., p. 1189 (ed. Schulze).
She received the rebuke, as a religious woman was sure to do. Then he made the sign of the Cross over her, and she returned home healed in body and soul, and, either at once, or as time went on, gave herself up to an ascetic life.”

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