Theodore Trichinas, “the Hair-Shirt Wearer”

April 20 is the Commemoration of Theodore Trichinas, “the Hair-Shirt Wearer”.
Theodore Trichinas icon
“Saint Theodore Trichinas was born in Constantinople, the son of wealthy and pious parents. From childhood St Theodore was inclined toward monasticism, so he left his home, family, and former life in order to enter a monastery in Thrace. There he began his arduous ascetic struggles. He dressed in a hair-shirt, from which he derived the name “Trichinas,” (or Hair-Shirt Wearer”). He even slept on a stone in order avoid bodily comfort, and to prevent himself from sleeping too much.
His life was adorned with miracles, and he had the power to heal the sick. He reposed at the end of the fourth century, or the beginning of the fifth century. A healing myrrh flows from his relics.
The name of St Theodore Trichinas is one of the most revered in the history of Orthodox monasticism. St Joseph the Hymnographer (April 4) has composed a Canon to the saint.”
Theodore Trichinas icon 2
“Saint Theodore Trichinas (“Hair-Shirt Wearer”) was born into a wealthy yet pious family in Constantinople. He denounced all earthly and material riches and dedicated his life to Christ in a monastery in the Imperial City. Having given away all that he had to the poor, and himself not owning anything, he clothed himself not in clothes but a rough hair garment all his life, and hence his name. He reposed at the end of the fourth or early fifth centuries. His memory is celebrated on April 20.”

“A citizen of Constantinople, he was the son of wealthy parents. He left parents, home and riches while still a young man and settled in a remote monastery in Thrace, where he undertook the most rigorous ascetic life. He slept on a stone so that he might have less sleep; he was always bareheaded and dressed in a hair-shirt, from which he was called ‘Trichinas’ or ‘hairy’. Because of his great and self-inflicted sufferings for the sake of his soul’s salvation, God granted him the gift of working miracles, both in his lifetime and after his death, and he died peacefully in about 400. Healing myrrh flowed from his relics.”
From “The Prologue From Ochrid” by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
Theodore Trichinas chapel
A Chapel dedicated to Agios Theodoros Trichinas (St. Theodore the Hair-Shirt Wearer) is located between the ramparts of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Pavlos within the Venetian citadel of Fortezza. It was inaugurated in 1899 by the Russian commander of the occupation forces of Rethymno, but the building was possibly the result of repairs to an older, pre-existing Venetian church.

“The image of God was faithfully preserved in you O Father,
for you took up the Cross and followed Christ
by your actions you taught us took look beyond the flesh for it passes
rather to be concerned about the soul which is immortal
wherefore O holy Theodore your soul rejoices with the angels.”

“As your fiery chariot you did descend on the virtues, O God-bearer,
mounting up under the dwellings of heaven.
And you are an angel living on earth among men,
and a man dancing for joy with the holy angels.
Hence O Theodore, you have proven yourself a holy vessel of awesome wonders and signs.”

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