Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust

rowan williams hermitage 3
Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust:
Rowan Williams hermitage
Disserth y Mynydd (Hermitage on the Mountain), Ithon Duon, Rhandirmwyn, Wales, is cell currently for one person in recognized vows committed to solitude. Administered by the Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust, it provides the simple but adequate necessary conditions for eremitic and contemplative life. In due course it is hoped to be able to support more vowed hermits or those testing the vocation; a skete form (a community of hermits) has always been a possibility.
Rowan Williams hermitage 2
Set in the north-east Uplands Sensitive Landscape Area above Rhandirmwyn, the building itself is being developed: to be disablement friendly; with the lowest carbon footprint we are able; with (when sufficient donations arrive) power will be from PV panels – at present there is only a couple of hours generated electric light per week; and the land is cared for sustainability in harmony with its existing wild and mountainous environment, to provide biodiversity of bird, insect, mammal and amphibian species. It is being planted largely with flora which normally occur in this area.
Ruth Furneaux
Sr. Ruth Furneaux is the first hermit in residence and spiritual director of the Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust:


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