BBC Wales: Hermits

On Sun, 26 April 2015 BBC Welsh Radio broadcast a program on Hermits
“What is it like to spend your time in contemplative stillness? Roy Jenkins explores the life of the hermit, through the experience of two hermits living in Wales today, the Anglican nun Sister Ruth Furneaux and the Catholic priest Father Bruno Healy and through insights provided by Professor Eddie Jones, who is writing a social history of hermits. He asks what the role of the hermit is, and how far the real eremitic life differs from the common preconceptions, as well as finding out how a hermit lives practically day to day.”
It is available for download for a limited time at: and
Bernard Healy
Fr. Bruno Healy, a priest of Westminster Diocese, lives as a hermit in North Wales.
Ruth Furneaux
For Sister Ruth Furneaux, see:
Sr. Ruth Furneaux is the first hermit in residence and spiritual director of the Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust:
Eddie Jones
Professor Jones manages the Hermits and Anchorites project at the University of Exeter: For his publications, see:

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