Hesychasm Before Hesychasm

Theodore Sabo, Dan Lioy, and Rikus Fick “A Hesychasm Before Hesychasm” “Journal of Early Christian History” Vol 4 Issue 1 2014 pp. 88-96
“The thinkers from Basil the Great to Symeon the New Theologian were important largely for their role in forming the Hesychastic movement in the Eastern Church. This conclusion is reached in part by viewing the period from an Orthodox rather than a broadly Christian perspective. There were eight predominant characteristics common to both the Hesychasts and the Proto-Hesychasts: monasticism, dark and light mysticism, an emphasis on the heart, theōsis, the humanity of Christ, penthos, and unceasing prayer. The author finds himself in agreement with Alexander Schmemann for whom Hesychasm was not a novel departure but the completion of a basic tendency of the Orthodox Church. The Hesychasts did not teach a new doctrine but continued and perfected the tradition that immediately preceded them.”

Full text available on-line at: http://www.academia.edu/7972818/A_Hesychasm_Before_Hesychasm

The illustration is “Hesychast” (2007) by the Russian painter, Oleg Lorolev (b. 1968) – see http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/oleg-korolev.html


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