Orthodox Monasticism Past and Present

“Orthodox Monasticism Past and Present”
Edited by John A. McGuckin (Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies 22) [Gorgias Press, 2015]
Orthodox Monasticism
This collection of scholarly essays on Eastern Orthodox ascetic life derived from an international conference on the theme held in 2013. The book reviews Orthodox monastic praxis and theoria from a variety of ancient and modern standpoints. It brings together cutting-edge studies of history and patristic interpretation, with psychological and spiritual reflection from engaged experts writing out of years of lived experience. This is a study which is surely destined to become a classic in its field.

• Table of Contents (page 5)
• Editorial Foreword (page 9)
• Embodying Tradition, Seeking Transformation: Glimpsing Asceticism(s) in the New Testament (Karri L. Whipple) (page 15)
• Monasticism in the Christian East: an Introduction (J. A. McGuckin) (page 33)
• ‘Taking Upon the Likeness of Angels’: Asceticism as the Angelical Life in Aphrahat’s Demonstrations (Sujit T. Thomas) (page 47)
• The Recitation of the Psalms among Early Christian Ascetics (Jill Gather) (page 55)
• The Virgins Sing Orthodoxy: Ephrem’s Choirs & the dissemination of Nicene Thought in Syria (Robert Najdek) (page 79)
• The Power to Curse and the Power to Save: The Monk, the Prophet & the story of Elisha’s curse of the She Bears (Mary Julia Jett) (page 95)
• Rhetoric and the Monastic Rule in Byzantium: From Anchoritism to Coenobitism (Julia Khan) (page 109)
• The Devil in the Desert (Kevin McKeown) (page 123)
• An Ancient Ascetical Drama of Woman and the Dragon: Perpetua’s Rise into the Animus-World (Jeff Pettis) (page 139)
• The Pure ‘Eye of her Soul’: The Asceticism of the Deaconess Olympias as Reflected in the Writings of the Fathers (V. K. McCarty) (page 153)
• Evagrius Ponticus, the Origenian Ascetic (and not the Origenistic ‘Heretic’) (Ilaria L. E. Ramelli) (page 171)
• Asceticism Through the Lens of Anthropology: The Greek Fathers from Justin to Gregory Nazianzen on the Soul and the Holy Spirit (Vicki Petrakis) (page 237)
• St. Shenoute of Atripe and His Monastic Order (A. Bibawy) (page 253)
• Hagiographic Traditions of Ethiopian Monasticism (Atsede Maryam Elegba) (page 273)
• The Evolution of Fundamental Christological elements in the works of St. Cyril of Alexandria (Vasily Novikov) (page 303)
• Humanity’s Reconciliation with the Divine through the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word in the Thought of St. Isidore of Pelusium & St. Cyril of Alexandria (Eirini Artemi) (page 325)
• The Monk as Mourner: St. Isaac the Syrian & Monastic Identity in the 7th c. & Beyond (Hannah Hunt) (page 343)
• The Dying Church: Hierarchy as Self-Sacrifice in Pseudo-Dionysius (Kate McCray) (page 355)
• Plotinus and the Essence – Energeia Distinction: A Neoplationic Influence on Dionysius Areopagita (Joshua Packwood) (page 369)
• Maximos and Neurobiology: A Neurotheological Investigation of Ascetism as Erosion of the Passions & the Gnomic Will (Luis Joshua Sales) (page 381)
• Converting the Use of Death: The Ascetic Theology of St Maximus the Confessor in Ad Thalassium 61 (Gregory Tucker) (page 391)
• The Monk Philosopher in Yahya ibn ‘Adi (d. 974) and Severus ibn al-Muqaffa’ (d. c. 987) (Zachary Ugolnik) (page 407)
• What is the ‘Breath of God’? – Bibliographic Theology in Armenian History from Astvacashuntch to St. Grigor Narekatsi’s The Book of Sadness (Anthony J. Elia) (page 423)
• A Royal Family: The Significance of Saint Sava and his Parents for the Establishment of Serbian Monasticism and the Serbian Church (Zivojin Jakovljevic) (page 435)
• The 15th century Typikon of Neilos Damilas for the Convent of the Mother of God on Venetian-Crete (Mary McCarthy) (page 445)
• Contemporary Monasticism: Why join a monastery? (Metropolitan Jonah) (page 459)
• A Triptych of Contemporary Romanian Spiritual Elders (Macarie Dragoi) (page 467)
• The Beauty of Silence in Christian Monastic Tradition (Teodor Damian) (page 483)
• The ‘Mystical Mundane’ in Fr. Nikon of Karoulia’s Letters to Gerald Palmer (Christopher D. L. Johnson) (page 497)
• Purifying the Heart in Order to See: Praxis and Perception in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov (Tea Jankovic) (page 511)
• The Centrality of St. Isaac the Syrian’s Ascetical Theology in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov (Rico Monge) (page 517)
• Engaged Monasticism: Mother Maria Skobtsova and Twenty-First Century American Orthodox Monasticism (Peter M. Preble) (page 525)
• Psychic Crisis in Monastic Communities: The Ascetical Writings of Evagrius of Pontus in the Light of Modern Understandings (John L. Grillo) (page 535)
• Markets and Monasticiam: A Survey & Appraisal of Eastern Christian Monastic Enterprise (Dylan Pahman) (page 547)
• Spiritual Warfare and the Struggle for Apatheia (Theodore Grey Dedon) (page 575)
• The Concepts of Time as Applied to Monasticism & Asceticism (Nicholas Samaras) (page 585)
• Notes on the Contributors (page 595)


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