The Monasteries of the Wadi al-Natrun

Carefully kept in a closed, dry cupboard in The Hermitage Drawing Room, out of the light, are first editions of the three monumental volumes by Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White (1874-1924), the eminent Egyptologist and Coptologist:
“The Monasteries of the Wadi al-Natrun (Publications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.). Egyptian Expedition, New York, 1926-1935):
“Volume I. New Coptic texts from the Monastery of Saint Macarius”, edited, with an introduction on the library at the monastery of Saint Macarius, by Hugh G. Evelyn White; with an appendix on a Copto-Arabic ms. by G.P.G. Sobhy.
“Volume II. The History of the Monasteries of Nitria and of Scetis”, by Hugh G. Evelyn White, edited by Walter Hauser.
“Volume III. The Architecture and Archaeology”, by Hugh G. Evelyn White, edited by Walter Hauser.
The volumes are very large and, being paper-bound, alas, somewhat frail. A hardcover reprint was published by Ayer Co Publishers in 1977.

“EVELYN-WHITE, HUGH GERARD (1874-1924), English archaeologist and Coptologist. He was educated at King’s School, Ely. In 1909 he joined the Metropolitan Museum of New York’s expedition to Egypt, remaining with them until 1921, except for a period when he served in World War I. At first he worked with H. E. Winlock at al-Bagawat in the Khargah Oasis and then at West Thebes until 1914. This was followed by the exploration of the Coptic Monastery of Epiphanius at SHAYKH ‘ABD AL-QURNAH. His major undertaking was making an architectural and archaeological survey of the monasteries oft Wadi al-Narun, which resulted in the publication of his three-volume “The Monasteries of the Wadi ’n Natrun” (New York, 1926-1935). Among his Coptic contributions is “The Monastery of Epiphanius at Thebes”, with H. E. Winlock and W. E. Crum (New York, 1909-1917).”

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