Spirituality in the Australian Desert

Ian Robinson “If Anyone Thirsts. Biblical Spirituality from the Desert” [Morning Star Publishing, 2015]
“All through scripture, the people of God have found true freedom in a journey through the desert. It is a simple trajectory – the exodus, the exile, the forty days, the cross. This book aims to lead you down the lost seam of gold that is desert spirituality in the Bible. The desert makes a powerful spiritual impact on those who go there. It encourages us to realise that we know who we really are only when we have nothing. But looking around the wealthy churches of the western world, we hang on to what we’ve got for fear that God has no more to give. We desperately need to recover a dimension of our faith that has been left out. If you are tired of the dogmatic pathways of religion, or if you have departed the church for fear of shrivelling, this book will steer you back to the best of biblical spirituality, to claim Jesus offer of a resource of strength and simplicity.”
Ian Robinson “This Thirsty Heart – A Journey in the Deserts of Australia” by Ian Robinson [MACSIS Publishing, 2012]
“Visually stunning read of a 4WD journey though the Australian desert. Campfires under immense star field backdrop. The desert is the great heart of Australia. Some people think of deserts with affection and awe and others with dread. Yet most people have never been to the desert. Waiting for them are majestic sunsets, and nights around the campfire under the sizzling clear stars where the immensity touches the soul. The power of the desert is something humans have known for thousands of years but have lost in the concrete busyness of modern urban lift. This books helps us rediscover that beauty. In this book you will travel for a week in the desert with Ian and fellow travellers and follow the explorers and the Aboriginal custodians into a transforming place. The stories resonate. Writing in a distinctive Australian context and accent, Ian challenges us to journey physically and spiritually from the edges to the heartland, from superficiality to depth.”
Ian Robinson PhD (CSU), MA (Oxon), BA (UWA), is a minister of the Uniting Church in Australia and part-time Uniting Church Chaplain at the University of Western Australia. He has been taking groups into the deserts of Australia since 2002 through Spirit Journeys Australia: see http://www.desertjourneys.com/


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