Please forgive me for my far-too-long neglect of this blog. I can only plead that a protracted and tedious period of ill-health has kept me from this work which I have always found so personally satisfying, and which, given the feedback I have received, has been of some benefit to its readers.

I was particularly moved to make the effort of returning to work on the blog by comments I have recently read about it. For example, from Sister Laurel M O’Neal: “…the exceptional blog City Desert (cf CityDesert on Solitary religious Life ). CityDesert (named after the classic by Derwas Chitty) focuses on solitary life in its variety of forms, especially as these are translated into contemporary situations and terms, and is always a wealth of information. Its author is a priest in the Oriental Orthodox Tradition who lives as an urban solitary in a city in Australia)”. https://notesfromstillsong.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/more-on-roman-catholic-canon-603-versus.html

Sister Laurels own blog – https://notesfromstillsong.blogspot.com.au/ – has long been a source of information and inspiration to me.

As is said in an entirely different context: “Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!”


My dear readers, I offer you a metania and ask your forgiveness!

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