Desert Living

Steven Scherrer Desert Living: Contemplative Living as the Context for Contemplative Praying  iUniverse, 2009


“Many seek a life of deeper contemplation and union with God, but few see the connection between this desire and the need to live apart from the world. There is an essential connection between contemplative living and contemplative praying. Contemplative living consists of being apart from the world. One must have a heart that is reserved for the Lord alone and remain separate from the delights, sights, and sounds of society. By doing this, one can seek God with an undivided heart.

Fr. Steven Scherrer, a Roman Catholic priest, lives as though he’s still in the deserts where he once conducted missionary work. Without a telephone, television, radio, or newspapers, he reflects on his life while praying and fasting. Along with his personal insights and experiences, discover:

Whether religious life in the United States is dying;

The history of asceticism and the monastic life;

How to commune with God in a desert place;

The importance of fasting;

And much more!

Journey with a Roman Catholic priest through decades of desert living and discover how to seek God in a desert place.”

Fr. Steven Scherrer, Th D, a Roman Catholic priest, was ordained in 1972. He earned a doctorate in New Testament from Harvard University and fell in love with the desert as a missionary among the nomadic Turkana people of northern Kenya. He lives a contemplative, monastic life in Ossining, New York.


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