Monasticism in Modern Times

Isabelle Jonveaux and Stefania Palmisano (eds) Monasticism in Modern Times Roputledge, 2016


This book presents a broad sociological perspective on the contemporary issues facing Christian monasticism. Since the founding work of Max Weber, the sociology of monasticism has received little attention. However, the field is now being revitalized by some new research. Focusing on Christian monks and nuns, the contributors explore continuity and discontinuity with the past in what superficially might appear a monolithic tradition. Contributors speak not only about monasticism in Europe and the United States but also in Africa and Latin America, a different landscape where the question of recruitment does not figure among issues considered as problematic.

Introduction. Monasticism: Crucial Questions Isabelle Jonveaux and Stefania Palmisano

Part I: Monasticism in Transition: New Challenges and Globalization

Chapter 1. The Benedictine Tradition since Vatican II: Catholic Monasticism in the Modern World Andrew P. Lynch

Chapter 2. Current Mutations of the Monastic Novitiate: Emerging Institutional Imperatives, New Forms of Obedience Anna Clot-Garrell

Chapter 3. Does Monasticism Still Have a Future? Demographical Evolution and Monastic Identity in Europe and Outside Europe Isabelle Jonveaux

Chapter 4. Economic Management under a Vow of Poverty: Monastic Management in Burkina Faso Katrin Langewiesche

Part II: Monasticism, as Open Door to Society?

Chapter 5. Visiting Abbeys: Changing Monastic Identities and the Attraction of Abbeys

Louis van Tongeren

Chapter 6. Holy Holidays: Why is Monastic Tourism Attractive? Insight from Italian Catholic Monasticism Monica GIlli and Stefania Palmisano

Chapter 7. Prayer in an American Cistercian Monastery William L. Smith

Part III: From Monasticism to Monasticisms and New Forms of Spirituality

Chapter 8. A Worldly Monasticism: New Catholic Spiritualities and Secularisation of Monastic Culture in Latin America Gustavo Andrés Ludueña

Chapter 9. New Monasticism as ‘Reflexive Spirituality’: A Case Study of the Simple Way Laura F. Tennenhouse

Chapter 10. The Community of the Resurrection: A Case Study in the (Re) Emergence/Evolution of Anglican/English Monasticism Janet Eccles and David Simon

Chapter 11. The Everyday Life of Monks: English Benedictine Identity and the Performance of Proximity Richard D.G. Irvine

Chapter 12. The Making of the Relational Christian Self of New Monastics in the UK, US, and Canada Francesca Montemaggi


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