Julia Bolton Holloway

Julia Bolton Holloway, urban Hermit living in Florence, discusses the life of the urban Hermit, and her life as a Hermit in Florence there she cares for the English cemetery, and ministers to the Roma migrant families. A lively and inspiring woman.

Julia Holloway

“I feel that if you’re on the margins, the strange thing is that you have more power. If you are not within a structure, you’ve got nothing to lose, then in a strange kind of way you gain everything.”

“Julia was born in Britain but got her degrees from California public universities, including a doctorate at Berkeley. She is a specialist on the manuscripts of Julian of Norwich, regarded as one of the most important female Christian mystics, published more than a dozen books, including “Equally in God’s image: women in the Middle Ages”, and is a Dante enthusiast, publishing on Brunetto Latino, Dante’s teacher. Once a married woman with sons (and grandchildren now living in the US) she completed her own father’s work on Elizabeth Barrett Browning and published “Aurora Leigh and Other Poems”. She taught at Quincy and Princeton Universities, and later at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was Director of Medieval Studies. Then Julia took an early retirement to enter an Anglican convent…

Julia Bolton 2
Like other solitaires before her, Julia lived a whole “other life” before a spiritual call beckoned her. I especially like how her blogspot at http://contemplative-oasis.blogspot.com.au/…/interesting-he… describes what a solitaire like Julia can be in the 21st century—“keeping alive her desire for quiet, prayers, hospitality, keeping herself by the works of her hands, genuine care for the poor and a deep wisdom that attracts a listening heart. Her website http://www.umilta.net/ is a thing of beauty to behold and equals about twelve of the usual websites one would link to full of ancient writing, literature of English poets, stories of famous writers long passed that rest in the Swedish (English) Cemetery which she helped make a World Historical UNESCO site in Florence.”

See also: https://www.thecompassnews.org/…/freelancing-the-religious…/


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