Return to The Hermitage

I have recently returned to The Hermitage after a period of emergency hospitalization which included surgery to replace my shattered right hip with a stainless steel prothesis. This was followed by a period of intensive, exhausting and painful rehabilitation in a specialist hospital unit.

I am very grateful to my brother Priests who visited me in hospital to administer the Sacrament of Unction and then to bring me Holy Communion after surgery.

I am equally grateful to my dear friends who visited me regularly. Their constant support and presence was the envy of my fellow patients, many of whom had no support from family or friends. After considerable negotiation with the nursing staff, my friends were even given approval (following formal training!) to take me, in my wheelchair, for regular refreshing walks in the sunshine in a nearby park.

I am also grateful to the many friends who have kept me in their prayers.

I am gradually regaining my ability to walk, although I sometimes require a wheelchair, a walking fame or a walking-stick to assist me.  Some modifications are having to be undertaken to the bathroom to make it safe for my future use.

The pain following the hip-fracture and prior to the surgery was absolutely excruciating

But I am finally back home! Decidedly less than fully functional. The gradual reduction of the vast array of heavy-duty hospital medication means that I am no longer “out of it”.

Predictably, we had some acrimony regarding my insistence in my being allowed to go home, but I was eventually “released”. I am now trying, very gradually, to recover something like sanity (?) and normality (?). I am still in considerable pain and have difficulties in walking. I am also extremely tired, and feel as if I have gone ten rounds with a heavy-weight boxer.

In my absence, my computer completed crashed as did all attachments (e.g. mobile telephone), so I have not been able to send or receive e-mails or anything else for the past few months or so.  I hope to have those problems rectified in the near future.


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