Celebrating Time Alone

Lionel Fisher is the author of Celebrating Time Alone: Stories of Splendid Solitude (Beyond Words Publishing, Spring 2001), which records the emotional and spiritual triumphs of men and women who have found amazing grace alone. At a time when more of us than ever are living alone, an estimated 40 million Americans at the turn of the century, we continue to seek our happiness and fulfillment, our answers, our very identity in others, points out the author.

celebrating time alone
In the fall of 1996, he embarked on a cross-country journey in search of what he calls the new hermits: modern solitaires who have stretched their aloneness to Waldenesque proportions, achieving great emotional clarity in the process. He also spoke with their urban counterparts who, through necessity or choice, prefer to savor their individuality in smaller servings. In his book, Fisher interweaves their real-life stories with his own insights and experiences to offer counsel, inspiration and affirmation on living well alone. Celebrating Time Alone affirms that its all right to be alone, to want to be alone, even to be lonely at times because the rewards of solitude can make the deprivations so worthwhile.

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