John Gradenigo, Nobleman, Monk and Hermit

December 5 is the Commemoration of Saint John (Giovanni) Gradenigo, a monk in Cuxa (Cusan) Abbey in the Catalonian Pyrenees in Spain, who reposed as a hermit near Montecassino (1025).
John Gradenigo
He started out as a nobleman from Venice, then became a monk in Spain. After many journeys and experiences he became a hermit in Italy. He is buried in the Abbey of Montecassino. He was a friend of St Peter Urseoli (928–987) who abandoned his office as Doge of Venice in 978 to follow a religious calling; St Guarinus, Abbot of St Michael of Cusan in Catalonia; and St Romuald (950-1027), who laid the foundations of the austere Order of Camaldoli in Tuscany.


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